Please carefully inspect all wallpaper rolls prior to hanging. Christine Frisbee cannot take responsibility for defects noticed after wallpaper has been installed, nor are we responsible for any loss as a result of said defect. Our papers are printed especially for you and cannot be returned or exchanged. Please contact our studio within 5 business days to report a defective order. Christine Frisbee wallpaper is printed in small batches. The illustration colors of each roll in your single order should be consistent. Orders placed from multiple lots may vary, so we do recommend ordering more than enough for your space at time of install. While our wallpapers can be hung in kitchens and powder rooms, we do not advise installing over bathtubs/around shower stalls due to the high level of humidity present in such spaces.

The instructions provided with your rolls, as well as any notes on our site or conversations via email/phone, are merely our recommendations. We do suggest hiring a professional for installation, however, Christine Frisbee cannot be held responsible for finished result, as the level of skill and conditions of install can vary from project to project. We hope you enjoy our wallpapers as much as we do, and we thank you for your interest in our product!


This pre-pasted wallpaper requires just water to activate its adhesive. We suggest having a level, tape measure, utility knife, wallpaper tray or paint roller, drop cloth and sponge on hand.

Wall must be clean and smooth, free of staining, irregularities or texture. We suggest using a good quality wall prep before hanging the paper. The wall prep will seal the wall and give a nice surface for the installation. This applies to various types of walls, i.e. new construction, newly painted walls, old walls and walls that have had wallpaper removed. The wall prep is ideal to give the best surface to install new wallpaper. Application over existing wallpaper is not recommended.

Activate adhesive one of two ways: using a wallpaper tray with room temp. water or a paint roller.

  • Wallpaper tray: Loosely roll your cut strip, adhesive side facing out. Fully submerge roll into water before immediately pulling out slowly by top edge and laying strip onto drop cloth covered floor or table, pattern side down. Do not over-saturate; do not leave roll in water.
  • Paint roller: Lay your cut strip of wallpaper onto drop cloth covered floor or table, pattern side down. With a wet paint roller, roll water onto the adhesive, being sure to cover the surface in its entirety, but not to over-saturate.

“Book” the paper by folding the adhesive-side against itself (top edge down to middle, bottom edge up to middle) and rolling gently like a newspaper. Let the paper relax this way for approx. 2 – 3 minutes, using great care not to crease the paper. Important: This wallpaper will have minor expansion in water; for best results, be consistent with your process for adhesive activation and booking of each strip.

Unfold the upper portion of the paper, leaving the lower portion booked. Place the adhesive-side of the upper portion flat onto the wall and position accordingly (we suggest matching pattern at eye-level). Once pleased with the placement, allow the booked portion to unfold and adhere the remaining pasted surface to the wall. Smooth in an outward, downward motion with a damp sponge. Use care not to excessively smooth. Minor bubbles, those less than a US quarter in diameter, will diminish as the wallpaper dries.