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A Simple Rule of Decorating

Simple Rule of Decorating

The fun of decorating a room is like listening to classical music. There is a pace and harmony that is pleasing to the eye, and this simple rule of decorating will make you more confident in choosing your fabrics and accessories for your room, even for a beginner. There is a Simple Rule of Decorating that can help.

The simple rule of the 60-30-10 guide is this:

  • Make the main color in the room take about 60% of the color in the room. This can be the color of the walls or if the walls are a basic white, you can use this proportion for curtains, and a bed skirt.
  • The second proportion should be about 30%, and if you think of it as half of the main color. This might be accent chairs, linens, or a painted chest.
  • The last 10% should be another color which could be used for pillows accessories, art, lamps, and baskets.

This will help set a tone and atmosphere for your room, so whether it is a family room, bedroom or living room these rules can help.

pink fabric coordinates

How to Decide on Colors


Choosing the colors is important as well. In past years, many furniture stores and interior decorators have promoted decorator monotones in rooms. All the furnishings in many stores have the fabric on the sofas, the chairs, the curtains and even rugs in tan, beige or grey. This can create a soothing effect, but it is not very personal and is duplicated in too many spots. In these cases, they do not follow the rules of decorating that makes a room interesting.

Benjamin Moore paint company has been clever in marketing by promoting their “Color of The Year”. You go to paint stores that carry Benjamin Moore and they will display a banner with the color they have chosen. Like magic, magazines start to show this color in rooms and even in clothing. Very clever marketing and it seems to work to bring attention to their product, which I really like. Yet, I prefer to choose colors that I personally like. There are colors that are soothing to me.

My very bright mother always told me her simple rule of decorating, “Choose colors from nature and you will never tire of them.” This is something that is valuable when making color decisions.

How do you know what colors you would like the most? How do you use colors that go together?

A Few Ideas to Help You Get Started Choosing Colors

  1. Go to a fabric store and find a fabric you like with several colors in it. Do you think they work well together? Isn’t that why you chose it? Have someone give you a cutting of the fabric and take it home and decide which colors would work well in your room.
  2. Find a room in a decorating magazine that draws your attention. Domino Magazine often tell you how much a product costs so you can stay within your budget. Analyze what colors were used in the room How were the colors used? What was the predominant color? Do you think you would be relaxed in a room with that color? If it is a dark color, would you have enough light in the room for that color?
  3. A store that sells house paint will have paint chips. Now they offer larger individual chips that you can take away. Home Depot offers these larger samples. Put different paint chips together. How do they look together? Choose colors that harmonize like music.
  4. Visit a clothing store to see how cloth designers are putting colors together. Their expert eyes that enabled them to design clothes can also help you choose fabrics and wallpapers.


At there are together fabrics and patterns and colors that coordinate. If you want to try the rules of decorating these fabric designs will help because the coordinated colors and patterns make it easier to design a room. You can also find other decorating ideas and concepts here.










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