Abstract Art is an idea on a canvas is only a concept and has no real representation. It is an art style that embraces form, lines, shapes, and color to bring a result that is separate from reality. Abstract art is a composition that is totally independent from the visual reference. It does not depict any place or person but rather, it is nonobjective. What you see is a process with brushstrokes, scale, color and size to create an inspiring painting.

Abstract Sophistication Defined by Artistic

The process that I take is intuitive whether I am thinking of water or forests or architecture or homes. I paint in a quiet sunny studio without music. I feel I can hear the colors. My best work comes when I hear what I should paint. Coming from a large family the environment in which we live and how we live our lives is of upmost importance in my mind. I am conscious of how we speak and react to people around us. I attempt to relate this in my paintings with color and harmony. The large strokes are emotions that drive us and the smaller lines, shapes and stokes are the influences that create our thoughts and reactions. The total brush strokes on the canvas reflect our character and total being. The colors and shapes are who we are. It is a canvas of our personality. That is how I express my art.