Combining her background in visual arts, interior design and home staging, Christine set out to develop a fresh concept for the modern-day, traditional decorator. By designing a collection of home goods that both spoke to her love of classic decor and the efficiency of today’s ease-of-use decorating approach, Christine’s process reinvigorates the way customers can decorate an entire room in one fell swoop. With everything online these days, no one needs to visit decorator showrooms anymore! And why would you when the decorator can come to you? Her beautifully detailed, hand painted patterns coordinate effortlessly offering pallets of designs that customers can blend with confidence.  Christine not only inspires clients to combine unlikely patterns and designs to create a unique look, but also makes it easy to create a space on their own by guiding customer’s tastes to fit their personal style (with a bit of a twist!)

Our Goal:

Christine Frisbee’s goal is to create designs that you can easily choose and coordinate on your own. Classic in design and clean in aesthetic, each of the fabrics and wallpapers in the collection are meant to complement each other. We are here to help inspire your own personal look by combining fabrics and wallpapers that speak to you, and that blend to create a sophisticated, unique space. You can order everything you need from our shop.