Designing begins with a concept or idea that you wish to express. I feel art shows a side of you that cannot be seen in any other way. With art I am able to dream, escape and create something new. This is where it all started, in my art studio. From there I realized I could bring art to fabric and wallpaper and prints.


Christine Frisbee was always involved in art. She started painting as a child. Her work is in private collections around the country.  Her fabric and wallpaper collections are an extension of her art. The designs she creates are inspired by her surroundings. The soft and natural colors create a feeling of restful elegance.  The fabrics are designed to make people love their homes and make them happy.


Christine designs original, beautiful fabrics and wallpapers and functional art pieces for the home. Her designs bring the feeling of nature with freshness and inspiration.  Her goal is to make it easy to decorate with coordinated patterns and designs of fabric, no matter what your style.